Solent Academies Trust Conference 17th March 2017

This year our annual staff conference focused on the 3 aspects of the Solent Academies Trust Wheel. The wheel is the vehicle through which we evidence each pupil’s achievements linked to our vision. The focus being on total communication and readiness for moving forward into the future.

Each school led a day based on one of the three focus areas of the wheel:

  • Communication at Cliffdale
  • Resilience for Learning at Redwood
  • Personal Development, health and wellbeing at Mary Rose

The day on each site started with a welcome from either one of the Heads of School or the Executive Headteacher, followed by a keynote speaker. Staff then took part in a wide range of workshops all aimed at increasing and sharing knowledge. Penny Mordaunt, MP visited the Mary Rose site and saw the joint practice development taking place between staff and experts from the 3 schools.

This was one of the best conferences we have held and the feedback was 100% positive. Several of the consultants will be returning to help move the knowledge on across the trust.