Mary Rose Academy - A visit to Gosport Play Gallery

“a gallery for beginners to play, discover and create”. Victory class certainly did! On initially entering the gallery pupils were able to independently explore for themselves as there was so much colour and variety in this sensory gallery. Pupils were then encouraged to interact with all of the different activities on offer.

 All pupils were interested in the dress up corner, selecting items to make a new outfit and posing for the camera – One pupil made sure to say ‘cheese’, others liked the different mirrors and enjoyed exploring their reflections, especially in the red, blue and green mirrors. Our pupil who really likes construction was really interested in the wooden stacking pebbles and spent at least 20 minutes trying to balance them on top of each other and add more – he went from 2 initially to eventually 5! Well done! Another member of our class really liked the textured bean bags and malleable rubber and sorted through them with interest. He also really enjoyed looking at the art in the main gallery through the periscopes available for the art he couldn’t clearly see! Isaac was very inquisitive with the different areas of the room where he could explore touch through his feet – there was a walking board with different textures and also an area with a wobble board with different effects to add and move with your feet. All pupils were really engaged with the water flooring which had 9 different coloured ‘water tiles’ which moved when you sat, jumped or pressed them. This was the most popular area, the pictures can’t clearly show it! Go and see for yourself!

 This was a safe place for the pupils to engage with new activities, where they took it in turns and showed determination to explore, be independent and improve. Please check out and support this excellent local provision.