Cliffdale Primary Academy - World Song Festival

After arriving at Priory School in Southsea, 21 excited Cliffdale pupils took part in a vocal warm up led by Emily Barden. Next, everyone learnt a new song about sunshine. The Choir thought it was good fun singing with new friends from other Portsmouth primary schools.

Next, each school performed a different song from around the world. The Cliffdale Choir stood really tall when singing and signing one of their favourite African songs – ‘Ubuntu’; some pupils even played djembes whilst singing. After each school performed everybody learnt a section from each school’s song; Cliffdale pupils were great at helping others to learn how to sign some of the lyrics from each song.

Following a little stretch and rest, everybody learnt another new song about being proud in the future. Finally, the 2 new songs were sung one last time before heading back to school to tell everyone how well Cliffdale Choir sang and what a fantastic time they had.