SAT Conference

Staff were allocated a number of workshops either at Mary Rose Academy, Littlegreen, Redwood Park or Cliffdale Primary, to continue to develop and refine their practice.

Colin Troy, an experienced educationalist with over 30 years of senior leadership and teaching experience, led workshops throughout the day at Littlegreen Academy. He spent time with staff delivering and discussing behaviour management strategies, developing self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Further learning and development opportunities at the other sites included developing yourself as a leader, how to create high performing teams and how to have successful critical conversations. Iggie Agrimbau , an instrumentalist and composer delivered workshops on music making for non-musicians and a specific focus on music and PMLD learners. Fay Hughes, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist joined us for sessions on Sensory Self-Regulation. Having these, and other professionals join us for the day ensures such high quality training for all the staff across the Trust.

Staff then had time back in their schools to reflect, share their learning and decide how to make use of this to improve their practice.  Feedback and evaluations were extremely positive.  It was a really effective way to share the excellent practice that we have across our schools.