Sarah Jeffery-Chipps

Progress & Communications Manager

In my role I am responsible for the analysis of all progress data for the four schools within the trust as well as undertaking the role of Examinations officer for Mary Rose Academy, Redwood Park Academy and Littlegreen Academy.

I ensure that all reports and statutory returns for a wide and ever changing audience are completed in a timely and professional manner.

I also oversee the Management Information Systems across all four schools that contain all relevant pupil information as well as the third party software packages used throughout the trust, ensuring that the data recorded is used effectively and proactively.

The Trust

Working in a multi academy trust enables me to track progress of all pupils effectively from school to school and provide a cohesive services to all senior leaders of the four schools. Working in a trust also ensures that we share resources and expertise to the better outcomes for our pupils as well as whole trust development.