Jo Petch

Head of School – Mary Rose Academy

Mary Rose is an exciting place to be. No two days are ever the same and it is a genuine privilege to work with such skilled staff and such fantastic pupils. I joined Mary Rose as Head of School in September 2017 after spending the previous 5 years at Cliffdale where I was Assistant Head. Transferring from one school in the Trust to another has been a great experience. This was definitely helped by the fact that I had existing strong relationships within the staff team, a great network of support across the Trust schools, and already knowing a number of pupils and families. I also already understood the ethos and culture and the systems we use, so this has meant for a very smooth transition into my new role.

The Trust

Being part of the Trust brings so many advantages to all three schools. We are able to share expertise and specialist knowledge across the Trust which benefits all of the pupils and gives opportunity for staff development. Having a strong network for support and development means there are many opportunities to collaborate. We all share the same values, and being able to work together creates a real synergy and helps us achieve the best for all of our pupils.