Faye Watton-Lawrence

Head of School – Mary Rose Academy

Mary Rose is a very special place.  To spend each day working with our exceptional pupils and families, skillfully supported by a dedicated, ambitious staff team, is both a privilege and a joy.  I became Head of School at Mary Rose in April 2020, having initially transferred over from Redwood Park as Assistant Headteacher in 2019.  Having the opportunity to work across the Trust means that the connectivity of our provision, crucially its vision, values and ethos, can be maintained for all pupils and staff.  Strong links and relationships within our Trust are established and built upon to make sure that every child receives the very best care and education possible.  With this security, I am now in a prime position to ensure that the unique spirit, heart and provision at Mary Rose is both personalised and meaningful alongside remaining part of a dynamic network of support and development.

The Trust

Being part of the Trust brings so many advantages to all four schools. Our shared vision promises to provide the most meaningful, personalised education possible for each child in our care. Therefore, being surrounded by colleagues with a wealth of varied and specialist knowledge is invaluable. As a result, we are able to share this expertise freely across the Trust, ensuring that we deliver this promise for every child. In turn, this gives outstanding opportunities for professional development for staff, further serving to strengthen our Trust.