Our Vision

To ensure consistent, high quality, personalised education that improves outcomes for all children and young people.

We are committed to work together with our partner schools to:

  • Provide the highest quality leadership and learning and teaching to enable all pupils to achieve extremely well
  • Ensure we meet our pupils individual needs, through a personalised approach
  • Create learning environments that are welcoming, stimulating, challenging, motivating, rewarding, safe, caring and fun
  • Encourage creative thinking, research and innovation to find the best ways of helping pupils to learn, communicate and make informed choices and decisions
  • Develop highly skilled staff with a range of expertise and experience that is shared across the trust
  • Develop strong partnerships with parents , carers and the wider community
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all pupils
  • Identify and share expertise across the trust to support learning communities, both locally and nationally, in their aim to provide a high quality, inclusive education for all
Every day is a new and special day and it is such a privilege to work in such a motivating and forward thinking trust