Academy Governing Bodies

Academy Governing Bodies

Our Executive Headteacher and Heads of School are challenged and supported by Academy Governing Bodies.  These are sub-committees of the Solent Academies Trust board, and are made up of local people who have the skills and experience to contribute to the running of our academies.

Our current Academy Governing Bodies are:

Details of the membership of the Academies Governing Bodies can be found on the relevant academy website.


  • Hold the relevant Head of School to account for the educational performance of the academy and its pupils and for the appraisal of Academy staff.
  • Monitor progress towards the Academy’s targets for learning and teaching.
  • Review the effectiveness of the Academy's improvement plan and monitor achievement of its objectives.
  • Ensure that agreed policies and procedures designed to safeguard the Academy's pupils are fully implemented.
  • Implement policies agreed by the Trust Board with regard to the educational vision of the Academy, including, but without limitation, the Academy’s improvement plan.
  • Consider the Academy’s required funding and support the Trust Board in securing the DfE's agreement to the Academy’s budget.
  • Engage with stakeholders, especially the Academy's pupils and their parents/carers.


Reports to board of trustees through approved minutes

Governed by

Terms of reference


Five a year